How To Pluck A Wig | 5 Steps To Creating The Most Natural Hairline

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How To Pluck A Wig | 5 Steps To Creating The Most Natural Hairline

How To Pluck A Wig | 5 Steps To Creating The Most Natural Hairline

What You Need To Prepare:

Unplucked wig, wig stand, pins, rattail comb, tweezer

Some people prefer wet hair because it's easier to move and control, while other people prefer to pluck on dry hair so they can get a true sense of the hair's density. It's really up to you.  You can pluck on wet or dry hair.

Now keep reading to learn exactly how to pluck your wig.

Step 1. Put your hair on the wig stand

Secure your wig with pins, this will make sure that your wig doesn’t slide all over when you’re going at your hairline with tweezers.


Step 2. Run a comb through the front of your hair

Using a rattail comb, smooth back your hairline to make sure there aren’t any knots or tangles. Then with your less-dominant hand, pull the hair back away from the hairline.


Step 3. Slowly start to pluck the wig

With your dominant hand, grab the tweezers and being plucking hair strands straight back, away from the face. Plucking about every other hair strand to make sure that everything is spaced out (this also helps you avoid bald spots). Start at your hairline, right above your ear, and work your way to the middle.

Remember to take your time—if you over-pluck, there’s no going back. You also want to make sure that you’re plucking the hair, not the lace. If you go in on the lace with tweezers, you can end up ripping it (not great).


Step 4. Repeat the step above with additional layers of hair

When you pluck your hair, you’re not just plucking the front of your hairline near your forehead. The goal is to make the entire front of the wig look less dense, so you need to pluck several layers of hair.

So, once you’re done with step three, comb out the excess hair you’ve plucked. Then, going from ear to ear, part a thin section of hair and flip it forward (over the head of the wig stand). Pluck that layer to help get rid of the bulkiness. When you’re done with this layer, repeat this step about three to four more times, depending on how deep you want your wig to be plucked.


Step 5. Brush out everything you’ve plucked out

You’ve got a natural-looking hairline.



The whole process may seem tedious, but customizing your wig for a perfect fit on your head will be worth your time. All you need is tons of patience and experience. In no time, you will be plucking your wigs like a piece of cake and pull-off different looks that will help you radiate that confidence.




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