How To Bleach The Knots | 6 Steps To Revealing Your Natural Scalp

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How To Bleach The Knots | 6 Steps To Revealing Your Natural Scalp

How To Bleach The Knots | 6 Steps To Revealing Your Natural Scalp

Lace wigs always have visible knots tied to secure hair strands from the lace. Bleaching the knots gives more visibility to the natural scalp, and the knots on the lace wig are not visible anymore. 

But how to bleach knots? In this blog, we present a complete step-by-step guide to bleach the knots. Keep reading.


Things You Need To Prepare

  • Powder-based hair bleach (adjust quantity as per the coverage area)
  • 20 or 30 volume developer
  • Mixing bowl
  • 1-ounce measuring cup
  • Hair color applicator brush
  • Disposable gloves
  • Aluminum foil


Steps To Bleaching Knots

1. Tightly Secure The Wig

Spritz some water on the hair roots. This helps protect the roots in case the bleach seeps through the lace.Turn the wig inside out and secure it to the styrofoam head using T-pins.

If it has baby hairs, make sure to clip them away when you bleach knots on wig. Otherwise, they might be bleached along with the knots.


2. Prepare The Bleach Mixture

Put on your disposable gloves and mix the bleach and the developer. Follow the instructions on the product packaging for correct measurements. In general, the ratio should be 1:1 (one ounce each of bleach and the developer).

Stir the ingredients until the consistency turns thick and creamy. The mixture should not be runny. Otherwise, it may seep through the lace and affect the roots.

The process of bleaching knots can completely ruin your wig if not done correctly. You have to mix the developer and bleach according to the wig's size.

If you are bleaching only the frontal hairline, you will require one ounce each of bleach powder and the developer. If you are bleaching the entire base on a full cap wig, it is best to take three ounces each of bleach powder and developer.


3. Apply The Bleach Mixture

Apply thse bleach mixture around the entire front hairline. Swipe the brush gently and avoid pressing hard to prevent it from seeping to the roots. 


4. Wait For 15-30 Mins

Cover it in aluminum foil without pressing it into the bleach. Then, check the knots every 10 minutes, carefully flip the wig over and see if the knots are still visible.

The exact time may vary depending on the hair, so keep a close eye on knots. It will bleach within 15-30 minutes in most cases.


5. Rinse The Bleach And Wash The Hair

When the knots turn to your desired color, rinse the wig. You may use a purple shampoo to neutralize any brassiness. Apply a generous amount of conditioner, leave it on for several minutes, and wash off.


6. Dry The Hair

Squeeze the excess water with a towel and air dry the wig. You may also use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

After bleaching, you have gained a new natural wig!



Bleaching the knots on your wig is one of the best ways to make a regular lace wig look more natural. With the right guidance and some effort on your part, you can do it youself at home.

Now that we've explained everything about how knot bleaching works, we hope that you are confident enough to bleach your own knots. It may be difficult at first, but it will become easier over time if you use this guide and practice.



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