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Beginner friendly - No Lace & No Glue & No Leave Out I Part Wig

Beginner friendly - No Lace & No Glue & No Leave Out I Part Wig

Buying the first wig can be a challenge for a novice. If you don't know what to choose, I-part wig will be a good choice.

And if you are experienced with wigs, I-part wig is definitely a must-have wig in your collection, which simple and quick wearing method can easily meet all your needs and save your time.

The best wig for protecting your real hair & scalp with just minimum leave-out to no leave-out! Features the true roots closure which matches the roots of your real hair.


Why Choose I-Part Wig?

    "I" Shape Constructed
      Parting area is constructed as "I" shape. Giving natural hairline without any leave-out.
        Covered Invisible
          Tracks are completely covered by hair. Easy to blend without any leave-out.
            Beginner Friendly
              Up to 95% customers could do no leave-out easily.3 Mins To Get A Perfect Hair Look.
                Protective style

                  Perfect for days when you don’t wanna do your hair or just wanna protect you own curls.


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                  I-Part Wig Construction

                    5 clips

                    3 wig combs

                    Adjustable straps for secure


                      I-Part Wig Install Tutorial

                        Step 1: Tie your own hair

                            Step 2: Clip it on your head

                                Step 3: Tease the root to make it blend

                                    Step 4: Finally it comes with a fabulous look

                                      It can get everything ready in minutes, and give you a beautiful hairstyle even if you're running late for work or school.

                                      The I-part wig is also very easy to manage as it has no glue clean-up issues, and can be removed at will when you need to let your scalp breathe. OMG! This is definitely an optimal wig choice. Don't miss it!

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